• S Is for S’mores: A Camping Alphabet (Alphabet Books) Review & Price Comparison


    S Is for S’mores: A Camping Alphabet (Alphabet Books)


    This Camping book is a sure must-have for everyone who enjoys reading and learning.  As the title suggests, It is as enjoyable as the real camping.

    Veteran camper Helen Foster James has created this piece of magic which explores picturesque camping landscapes, equipment must-have list, popular environmentalist and conservationists, and national parks and other attractions

    Buying this book lets readers enjoy poetry alphabet book with vivid and colourful accompanying illustrations and feast on helpful information side bars that extend the experience with scientific and historical facts. In camping terms, it is hitting two birds in one stone. You have an encyclopaedia-like read and an eye-candy collection of pictures. Readers often get bored with extended narrative and wordy sentences. This is a surely a breath of fresh air.

    It is a journey from one place to another and a learning experience like no other. Each page features a letter in the alphabet which starts with “A”. The author cleverly starts each turn with a four (4) line rhyme and combines it with explanatory text about camping at the sidebar. Moreover this book doesn’t require readers to start it from A and end with Z. Readers may start wherever they choose to.

    Books never leave us the way it found us. Readers will definitely take away something valuable from this book. Aside from various camping techniques and activities, readers will appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature and how to better care for her. Students, teachers, kids and parents alike definitely won’t let go of this treat. It’s not every day that you get a glimpse of such an incredible book.

    Its hardbound cover provides durability without sacrificing the ease of carriage. Kids and students can readily pack this book inside their bags or may carry it by hand with relative ease.

    Indeed an ideal gift for everybody. Kids and kids at heart will leave their electronic gadgets aside and revel on the sights and sounds of nature as it changes its face from season to season.



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