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    Lenovo LaVie Z

    A Lenovo LaVie Z laptop is perfection gadget for those who find a tablet as too small and a desktop as too immobile.  Why only Lenovo LaVie Z, well, with a 1.87 lbs, it is the lightest laptop ever.  It is chosen for the “Winner of the CES Best of 2015 award”.  Majority of the reviews have appreciated the excellent combination of uncompromising built and lightening speed in performance.

    This exceptional performer comes with magnesium-lithium made frame as to strengthen the built. The additional benefit of magnesium-lithium is that it can make it look a thin and elegant without having to compromise on the strong protection to the LCD. Laptop LCDs are usually more prone to the risk of damage as the Laptops are usually used mobile.

    No matter which profession you are in, you can use Lenovo LaVie Z without any limitations. It has multiple reasons for it.  If you are a journalist who is mobile always, it helps you with its light weight.  If you are a professional with a whole day meetings its exceptional speed will fetch you.  If you are a student with a need of a gadget that can be rough used, it’s strong built can help you.  No matter what you do with it, it gives its best shot.

    Featuring the “5th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 processors”, Lenovo LaVie Z is the most powerful gadget to keep up its power throughout the whole day.  In addition to the multi-touch feature, quad-HD visuals add a lot to the excellent display that advantages the overall performance.  Lenovo LaVie Z is made by NEC, one of the companies acquisitioned by Lenovo.  NEC was one of the toughest competitions for Lenovo in terms of excellent performance of their products.

    Additional features include 2 USB ports for better connectivity,  4 GB RAM, SD Card reader,  Webcam (720P) etc. Giftfind.ca is an amazing place where you can do a price comparison Canada so that you can avail the best of the prices.

    Lenovo LaVie Z Video Below

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