• Ipad Air 2 Review & Price Comparison


    ipad air 2

    Did you ever carry something that is more capable than a personal computer in your pocket, yet feel so light that you even forgot it existed in your pocket? Now you can! The all new macho ipad air 2 is sleek only in its weight and look. It is definitely a hulk in performance.

    The all new improved ipad air 2 is much more than being thin and large. Its efficiency is huge, its display is better than the earlier version. This new version comes with a screen that has a 3 layer display made as one.  What does it do to the reader? Of course, it helps in turning the display thinner anyway but it adds amazing contrast, more colors to the display.  ipad air 2 boasts of retina display and anti-reflective coat. This combination makes the ipad air 2 as the safest tablet in the world.

    When Apple introduced A8 chip, everyone started going gaga about it because of the ultimate power that the chip demonstrated.  But now in ipad air 2, apple comes with even more powerful A8x.  This chip comes with an ability to demonstrate better graphics and CPU performance. ipad air 2 delivers better performance than even a personal computer. When you have so many options it’s much obvious that you are going to do a lot with the ipad air 2. To support this, ipad air 2 comes with a longest battery life such as 10 hrs.

    If you are thinking about one of the best engagement gift ideas or gift ideas for women, then the camera in this ipad definitely needs a mention. The much known iSight camera that is always considered as biggest plus in all apple phones is now improvised to be added to ipad air 2.  The sensors are all improvised, the image-signal processor is made more powerful.  New features are added like panorama, slo-mo video, and front facing HD-camera for video calls etc.

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