• Faster The Movie Review feat The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) Price Comparison & Review


    A great acting showpiece with an equally exhilarating action rolled into one.

    This stars WWE former main man, the Rock, Dwayne Johnson who plays a character named Driver. The Rock hardly speaks in it, which is one of the things that make it a must-watch flick. He has returned into his imposing WWE persona, and brought it to the big screen. His presence, nuances and his demeanour is just the right combination for the role. No hint of a Tooth Fairy in this performance.

    The story started when Johnson the Driver (given no other name for the duration of the movie) is released from prison, for crimes not initially noted, and hurriedly drives out in a fast car with a gun and a mission to accomplish – revenge. He is fluidly effective with his kills, wasting no time or bullets as he delivers justice in his own hands.

    The puzzle pieces of his crusade are fused together as each victim falls down dead. Driver is not a man who kills for the thrill. Each victim is specially chosen, and Driver wants each to see his face to understand why they are being executed. Never did he hide his face from surveillance cameras or the tireless police detectives (Billy Bob Thornton, Carla Gugino) chasing after him. He cares less if he’s caught, he sets his sight laser focus to his self-imposed task first, like a horse with blinders.

    As his character and killing spree hits the news, one of his potential victims hires an assassin (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) to go after Driver. Surprisingly, most of the characters show some depth of personality, in spite of being little more than caricatures of stereotypes (the troubled cop, the bored assassin). The story line is played out in such a way that you can’t help rooting for Driver and his bloody revenge.

    The action is high-voltage matched with gruesome killings which are just the right ingredient to please the viewers who will surely root for the protagonist to “Get Even”. Billy Bob Thorton is good as expected playing a burned out detective.

    You don’t have to be a Dwayne Johnson fan to give this movie props. Johnson cleverly immersed into his role thanks to his physicality in looking the part and acting the part.
    Getting this for your home theatre is indeed a cinematic experience you will definitely remember for years. It’s a testosterone-packed tale of vengeance, action and Dwayne Johnson.  Think of it as an anniversary gift, it will fit perfectly.


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