• Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch with Retina Display Price Comparison & Review

    apple macbook 15 inch

    Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch with Retina Display


    While looking virtually identical to the 2014 model – sporting the same slim aluminum chassis and black-bordered display that have defined Apple’s highest-end notebook for years – the 15-inch MacBook Pro actually presents quite a few changes from its successful predecessor. Be your search be gift ideas for men, or gift ideas for women,  this item will put a full stop to your search.


    The new MacBook Pro model offers quite a few innovations, starting from the hardware: a quad-core Intel’s Haswell i7 processor running at 2.2GHz (3.4GHz with Turboboost) and 16GB of memory and 256GB solid-state storage. This processor upgrade increases its extra graphics power game and takes the notebook to a whole new level of performance.


    Giving Apple’s revolutionary approach to constant renovation, the fact that the 15-inch Pro kept Intel’s Haswell processor for its new model, rather than upgrading to the newer Broadwell, suggests that they’re skipping them altogether and waiting for the release of Skylake. Whether we’ll get an even faster Mac, it’s all on Intel now.


    The 15-inch MacBook Pro model retains the 2880 x 1800 resolution Retina display, which remains true to its name and gives a flawless visual experience. Uncomparably bright and highlighting sharp contrasts, the laptop’s screen is as impressive as it gets. App icons, images and videos burst with vibrant colors and the details are so extraordinary that the text almost looks handwritten.


    The audio quality of the 15-inch Pro reached a new high: the new and improved speakers grant a deep, crisp and loud sound. For a laptop so thin and light, this is a huge upgrade.


    The 15-inch Pro, designed to be with you at all times, comes equipped with a backlit keyboard. What’s so great about it? The keyboard automatically detects changes in ambient light, adjusting the brightness according to the environment.


    A little step back is the laptop’s battery life, offering an adequate 8 hours that doesn’t quite match up its previous version’s 9 or the MacBook Air’s 12.


    However, the 15-inch Pro is a powerhouse in itself and needs way more power to operate, and a slightly shorter battery life is a relatively small price to pay for a better machine with a yet unmatched performance.


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