• Generic Creative Mobile Phone Stand/ Holder for Iphone/ Ipod/ Mp3/ Touch

    Generic Creative Mobile Phone Stand/ Holder for Iphone/ Ipod/ Mp3/ Touch (Model: M010434)

    Nowadays, mobile devices such as phones, PDAs and Mp3s are a dime a dozen. An important piece for a modern-day living. Most of them cost a fortune that’s why extra care and maintenance are in order.
    This is the very reason why Generic Creative Mobile Phone Stand/ Holder is in existence. An affordable handy phone stand and a cord caddy in one. This can be a cute Christmas gift idea!
    It’s very straightforward; it keeps your mobile devices safe and cords in place.
    An absolute eye-candy with its simple yet trendy design. Phone stand is a robot-like man with a carriage on his back where the phone or mobile device sits comfortably.
    It looks closely like a man on the moon and gives the MTV Music Awards astronaut trophy run for its money. This makes a great desktop conversation piece as well.
    With countless devices in our desk comes with a countless disorganized cords. Coiling and keeping them in a clean and organized way sometimes proves to be a chore. As challenging as it gets, most people would just leave the coiled cords all bunched up. Generic Creative Mobile Phone Stand/ Holder gives you designated slots and coils to keep your cords neat while charging your mobile devices. It takes a small amount of time to get the cord wrapped correctly but once it is done, this is an awesome stand. It keeps the cord out of the way. A comfort made in heaven.
    It’s a great gift for the person who has everything, or someone looking for a better option for storing their device while charging or just a unique nightstand option rather than laying it down on a flat surface.
    This easily makes the must-buy birthday or Christmas present list.
    It is indeed design and utility rolled into one.
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