• Dell XPS 13 Review & Price Comparison

    Dell XPS 13


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    If you’re looking for one of the finest laptops with no compromising about looks and the performance, then the Dell XPS 13 marks the end of your quest.


    As a lightweight, powerful device it features a sleek and modern design. A revolutionary 13-inch infinity Edge borderless displays snuggly squeezed into an 11 inch laptop and an incredibly thin frame (being 9-15mm thick and only 1.8 kg it can easily fit into a bag and be carried around), the new Dell XPS 13 will likely cause their competitors to rethink about their choices about building laptops.


    While there are worthy competitors, the Dell XPS 13 talks a big game and it’s a winner on its own right. The borderless display makes the screen look bigger than its actual 13 inches. It’s also incredibly sharp and bright, with a resolution of 3200 x 1800 pixels and a pixel density of 276 pixels per inch – which means that the text appears sharper, the image details are clearer and the screen just looks better. The compact, yet vibrant, gorgeous screen, providing a wide viewing angle of up to 170° and bright enough to watch videos in sunlight or outside, allows you to see any type of content clearly from almost any angle. Coupled with great audio quality, it makes for the ultimate screen performance.


    While its remarkably small size requires some compromises (such as the soldered and thus not upgradable memory chips and sealed-in battery – but even its competitors are not an exception to this rule), one of the most notable XPS 13 innovations is using Intel’s fifth-generation 14nm Core chips – the Broadwell – which provides an increase in performance (quicker startup, improved speed, and enhanced graphics) and a longer battery life, up to 15 hours of run time on the FHD display and 11 hours on the QHD+.


    Until the competition raises their stakes, Dell will be leading the way with its latest product for a long time: the XPS 13 brings luster back to the laptop category, thanks to its high quality performance, state-of-the-art battery life and portability – and it’s all worth its exceptionally affordable price.



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