• Asus Transformer Book T200 Review & Price Comparison


    Asus Transformer Book T200


    With a detachable tablet and hard-drive bay for easy storage, the Asus Transformer Book T200 is a sleek 2-in-1 hybrid tablet. If you are staying away from home, this is one of the best gift ideas for mom as it is easy to handle and perfect to use to communicate.


    Made from different plastics, its structure is extremely durable and sturdy, closely resembling Asus’s Premium line’s style. It’s a laptop you won’t mind flashing around in public.


    Newer and larger than its older brother, the T100, the T200 is quite similar to the former albeit its bigger size, but its most important innovation is the implementation of a more powerful processor (a quad-core Intel Atom Z3775 Bay Trail-T, plus 4 GB of RAM) which improves its overall performance.
    The slight increase in size of the T200, compared to the T100, reduces its portability, and the downgrade from 11 to 9 hours of battery life isn’t ideal (although needed to upgrade its processor).


    However, the T200 provides you with a bigger, brighter screen, a few extra useful ports (a micro HDMI connector to give you video output options and a micro-USB connector), a micro-SD card reader for expandable storage, and a handy 2.5″ user-upgradable drive bay into the keyboard dock, too, that make up for these sacrifices.


    The bigger size of the keyboard and the touchpad remarkably improve its usability: while the T100 posed some trouble for customers with bigger hands, the T200 solved the issue by including a slightly larger version of the two.


    The only trade-off is the overall size of the device, which can be a bit of hassle to carry around compared to its competitors, but in exchange for it you’ll get a noticeably better and more comfortable typing experience. The T200 keyboard could certainly benefit from a bit of extra refinement but there are no functional or fatigue issues reported.


    Audio-wise, the T200 offers two stereo speakers on the extreme left and right edges of the tablet, which deliver decent audio quality. They’re unfortunately placed right where you grip the slate and their position means that sometimes they can get muffled by your own hands if you’re using it without the dock, compromising the sound, but simply holding the tablet with only your fingertips will solve the problem.


    Ultimately, the speakers provide a clearer, richer sound than expected given their size and placement.


    Overall, the T200 is a better than average laptop, giving you the best of both the laptop and tablet worlds. Perfectly suited for your everyday tasks, it’s a worthy successor to the T100 and makes a great gift idea for any birthday.


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